Frequently Asked Insurance Questions


Having to deal with Insurance Companies can be such a hassle, and not knowing what is covered and what is not can be difficult. Well with Disaster Pro we have hands on knowledge about what is and what isn’t covered.

Flood Damage


  • Roof and window Damage
  • Backed up plumbing or burst pipes
  • Basement floods caused by burst pipes

Not covered:

  • Rainwater seeping in through soil
  • Basement floods from overflowing lakes
  • Mudslides

Fire Damage

Fire damage is almost always covered by most insurance companies because of the standard homeowner policy. If not caused intentionally by the homeowner, the reason behind the fire does not matter. Your insurance company will cover all charges including the damaged belongings and clean up.

Mold Damage

Your mold damage will be covered if only caused by a “named peril” specifically stated in your policy. The remediation costs will not be covered if caused reason is not stated in your policy. According to standard policy, your insurance will not cover the charges when caused by negligence or flooding.